Breakfast at the Campfire Lodge’s Riverside Cafe

by | Aug 4, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

If you were to float down the Madison River in Montana, you would see some of the most beautiful country in America and the Campfire Lodge and campground is nestled right in there, along the Madison river, in some of the most beautiful country in America. The Campfire is located about 20 minutes outside of West Yellowstone. The Campfire has a cafe, which is a favorite breakfast spot for the locals and the folks that summer in the area. So, when we visit our Calhoun side of the family that summers in the area, a trip to the Campfire is a must.

Wild flowers are scattered throughout the Campfire property

The Campfire’s riverside cafe

The counter

My favorite corner in the cafe

One of the dining rooms

The patio in back

The view from the back dining room and the patio is just incredible. We can watch people fly-fishing or look for wildlife while we are dining in these areas. It’s not often that you can see an Osprey dive into a river while you are eating breakfast, and at the Campfire’s cafe we have seen it happen.

While I usually eat something that is full of fiber and low in fat for breakfast, I don’t at the Campfire’s cafe. During our visit to the cafe last week, Harold Foster and I both ordered the pancake “sandwich,” which we expected to be two small pancakes with an egg and bacon. Were we ever surprised when we were served two huge pancakes, about 10 inches in diameter, with the egg and bacon on top. Three days later I was literally still chipping away at the rest of pancakes that I brought back to the cabin with me.

The pancake “sandwich” that includes, not just one, but TWO giant pancakes

My husband ordered the chicken fried steak, which was the special that day. It too was of substantial proportion and well seasoned.

The special of the day, chicken fried steak

After breakfast we drove through the Campfire’s campground. The wildflowers and scenery were just incredible.

Have you ever stayed at a campground that looks like this?!

Wild hollyhocks

If you happen to be in the area, be sure to drop by the Campfire Lodge cafe and drive through the campground. However, make sure you take off your wet waders before you go into the cafe, as the sign says at the door, NO Wet Waders.