Chicken Soup Season

by | Feb 7, 2010 | Restaurant Overviews

You may be wondering why there hasn’t been a Cowgirl post on our blog for a few days. Well, our main blogger and her daughter have been stuck at home too sick to sit at the computer. Also, our mom recently had surgery, so we’ve been busier than all get out. Needless to say, with both the mom of the house and grandma down and out, who is gonna make the chicken soup?? I didn’t have the ingredients or the time to make homemade, so the next best thing was to buy some at one of our favorite restaurants in Livermore.

Some of my preferred local soups include “Caldo de Pollo” from Casa Orozco; “Avgolemono” from Demitri’s Taverna (Demitri swears that it cures everything!?); The Yin Yin (where our family has been dining since the early 60’s) serves a great fresh “War Won Ton Soup”; there’s a little Mexican restaurant located inside the Chevron gas station at 1025 North Vasco Road, Los Primos (I think the name has changed but can’t remember it?!), they serve a HUGE bowl of chicken soup and the best crispy chicken tacos in town; Uncle Yu’s at the Vineyard serves an Asian inspired Noodle Soup; and even our local Safeway serves a decent Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup when in a pinch.

I couldn’t decide which to purchase for my ailing sister and niece, so I chose two from the closest restaurants to my work, a Mexican and Asian chicken soup for us to compare. Well, Uncle Yu’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” won hands down (recommended by Lexie in the Bankhead Ticket Office, she eats it whenever she is feeling down and out). A light gingery broth, fresh vegetables, a boat-load of fresh noodles, white meat chicken, it was delicious, and the serving size was gargantuan!

If you do have time to cook, here are some recipe recommendations… at home, our favorite chicken noodle soup recipe comes from “The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook” by Christopher Kimball, down home American cooking at it’s best. A few chicken noodle soup recipes available online are: Tyler Florence’s (I like his because of the wide egg noodles and short cooking time), Food & Wine’s Classic Chicken Noodle Soup is a winner, and who else would you turn to in a time of culinary need than “Betty Crocker.”

Hope these recommendations help out the next time a bug hits your family or friends.

Get well soon, Nancy