For a Fun Time, Boo Your Neighbors or Coworkers!

by | Oct 8, 2011 | Entertaining, Family Traditions

A “BOO!” bag

Several years ago I was in the kitchen fixing dinner and the doorbell rang. It was still light outside and the kids and I went to the front door and opened it. No one was there. We looked up and down the street, but did not see a soul. However, sitting on the doormat was a black bag and attached to it was a piece of paper with a ghost and the word “Boo!” printed on it. We opened the bag and inside there was a piece of paper that said:

The air is cool, the season fall,

Soon Halloween will come to all.

The spooks are after things to do . . . . .

In fact, a spook brought this to you.

“Boo” is a shield from the witching hour,

Just hang it up and watch its power.

On your front door is where it works,

It wards off spooks and scary jerks.

The treats that came with this crypted note,

Are yours to keep–enjoy them both.

The power comes when neighbors like you,

Will copy this and make it two.

Just a short day to work your spell,

Or a big zap will strike your tail.

And don’t forget a nifty treat,

Like something cute and something sweet.

Please join the fun, let’s really hear it,

And spread some treats and Halloween spirit!

The bag was also filled with candy, some wax teeth, and temporary Halloween tattoos. We followed the cryptic note’s instructions and put the picture of the ghost on our front door, made two bags filled with Halloween treats and surprises, and copied the picture of the ghost and the cryptic note. We left the bags on two unsuspecting neighbor’s doorsteps and rang the bell and ran. Days later, nearly every house in the neighborhood had a ghost on the front door or window.

We lived in a newly developed area and the following year we had lots of new houses and neighbors in the neighborhood, so as soon as October rolled around we booed some of the new neighbors. We’ve never figured out how the first person that booed us was out of sight so quickly in the daylight. My daughters would wait until dark, always dress in black, and had a plan of where to hide after running from a house they had just booed so they would not be seen.

Some of the things that we’ve put in the boo bags over the years have been candies (usually well wrapped so that people don’t think this is a plot to poison them), Halloween decorations, glow necklaces for the kids to wear trick or treating, pumpkin candle holders, Halloween tea towels, pumpkin carving kits, pumpkins with the names of each child painted on them, and a bottle of wine for mom and dad (wouldn’t want them to miss out on the fun!).  I’ve also used plastic buckets and plastic pumpkins instead of bags.

For years it’s been our tradition to boo the neighbors and then every night until Halloween we would walk around the neighborhood to see how far and quickly the boo’s spread. This year sadly for me, my oldest daughter is away at college and the younger one isn’t thrilled with the thought of going without her. So, I decided to boo my workplace. The people that I work with like to have fun, so I’m hoping that they will all have a great time with it.

On Thursday I made my two boo bags and left them in front of a couple of coworker’s doors before they got to work. One of the coworkers promptly put up the decorations that were in the bag and posted the ghost. I saw the other one take his bag home, I assume to show his small children.

The items for an office Boo! included pumpkin pie flavored candy corn, pumpkin carving kit, candies, flashing spider, candies, and window stick-ons

The bags stuffed and ready to Boo!

This year I found a great website that has a poem and a picture of a ghost. The website also includes a poem and ghost that can be used for the office. Downloading the poem from this website is perfect, because you don’t have to find a copier to make copies of the ghost and poem–you can just download and print! The poem also mentions the website so that the people that get booed can download and print too or find out more about what just happended to them. There are also links to other blogs and stories about booing. Here is the website:

On Monday I leave for a couple of business trips, so I will be gone for two weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how far the boos have gone when I get back!

NOTE:  Booing is not recommended for all neighborhoods, especially if you are dressed all in black and running from someone’s house in the dark. Please use caution.