Fueling Up In Lodi

by | Mar 13, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

Lodi Feed and Fuel Restaurant

This weekend I was stuck in Lodi for a California Women for Agriculture and California CattleWomen joint meeting. On Friday night my sister Susie and I went to the renovated downtown area of Lodi for dinner. I was surprised to see how attractive downtown Lodi is at night. Most of the downtown is decorated with twinkle lights–which I just love. There are also a lot of very intriguing restaurants in the downtown area. On Friday night we ate at the Shangri La Bistro and Grill where we had appetizers and cocktails. Good times at the Shangri La.

Today on the way home from the meeting we stopped in downtown Lodi for lunch. Since it was only 11:00 on a Sunday morning, most of the restaurants were closed. We ended up at the Feed and Fuel, which was one of the few open restaurants. The Feed and Fuel is a movie themed restaurant with props and costumes from a variety of movies. Wasn’t clear which were original and which ones were replicas. I think younger kids would like the props and the themed eating areas, such as the pirate’s cove.

We all ordered the prime rib dipped sandwich on a Dutch crunch roll and were not disappointed. The prime rib was very thinly sliced, tender, and had that good prime rib flavor and there was a lot of it.

Prime rib dipped sandwich – It was pretty dark where we were sitting in the Feed and Fuel, so I couldn’t get a good picture of the sandwich

Dinosaur coming through the ceiling on the right and could that be Pee Wee Herman’s bike on the left?

The Priate’s Cove dining area in the Feed and Fuel

There are over 40 wineries in the Lodi and there are places downtown where you can taste wine from those wineries. In addition to the wine and the intriguing restaurants, there are boutiques and antique stores too. And, there are some pretty cool murals on the sides of some of the buildings downtown. I really don’t think it would be a bad thing to get stuck in Lodi again.


Just about a year ago, I set out on the road

Seekin’ my fame and fortune, lookin’ for a pot of gold

Thing got bad, and things got worse, I guess you know the tune

Oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again

~Creedence Clearwater Revival