Inexpensive Table Decorations That Look Expensive

by | Dec 25, 2011 | Entertaining


Tablecloths like this red one can be purchased for just a few dollars at the after Christmas clearance sales

I think it is imperative to have beautifully decorated tables when you are entertaining and one of the primary reasons for this is if you have a cooking disaster, your guests are less likely to notice it if the table is well decorated and the food is presented well. It is possible to have a beautifully decorated table and spend very little money.  At the after Christmas sales I purchase candles and other decorations that I can utilize at other times during the year if they don’t look seasonal or for Christmas the following year. Garage sales are also great place for finding items to use for table decorations.

Last year I bought some beautiful red tablecloths and silver glass candlesticks at the Target after Christmas clearance sales and used them to decorate this year. The tablecloths and candlesticks were 90% off.  I have some strands of crystal beads that I purchased for 50% off at our local craft store that I wove in and out of the candlesticks. Years ago I purchased some plastic ice chips and glass shaped like diamonds at a discount store that I sprinkled throughout the centerpiece.

 Strands of crystal beads were woven in and out of candlesticks in my Christmas centerpiece

The only thing I purchased for my Christmas table centerpiece this year were some white hydrangeas that I placed in some ice cream sundae glasses that my aunt discarded several years ago. I purchased the hydrangeas at Costco. Trader Joes is also a great place to find inexpensive fresh flowers and plants. 

In my centerpiece this year I also used other candlesticks that I had in the house and used white tealight candles and white cloth napkins to tie it all together. The white cloth napkins can be purchased at World Market and can be used time and time again.

Discarded ice cream sundae dishes with white hydrangeas and silver glass candlesticks added a touch of elegance to our table this year

If you are planning a dinner party for New Year’s Eve, you might want to shop for the decorations now at the after Christmas clearance sales. The prices can’t be beat!


Hey, what are you waiting for!?! Get out there and shop the after Christmas sales!