Liberty Enlightening The World

by | Oct 22, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

Did you know that Liberty Enlightening the World was originally the name of the Statue of Liberty? On our recent trip to NYC, Troy and I secured some of the last tickets to walk to the crown of Lady Liberty, prior to the next remodel.

When you’re 125 years old, there is a good chance you too could use a facelift! If visiting NYC, I would highly recommend this trip. Easily accessible via the subway, it makes for a full day when you also visit Ellis Island. Tip, do not take a pocket knife.Troy had to “secure” his knife in the bushes, at the suggestion of the security screeners.

After walking to the top, all 354 steps, we were ready to rest our legs. Just happened that there was a tour about to start. The U.S. National Park Service ranger, Dave Stack, imparted so much information with passion and beautiful back drops – the Manhattan and New Jersey shorelines, and the Statue of Liberty.

Dave shared some of the symbolism of the Statue. Her foot is not flat, but preparing to take a step, always moving forward. The shackles at her feet broken, freedom. The crown, always lit for enlightening. Did you know there are 250 watt bulbs to light that crown? Next stop was Ellis Island. This was a self guided tour. I loved reading the stories of people’s reaction when they first viewed the statue as they entered the United States.

Needless to say, after our tours we were ready for some dinner and beverages. We caught the subway to Houston, just a few blocks from Bleecker (the street where the apartment is that were staying at). As we walked down Houston, we passed Gilda’s Club – which supports anyone with cancer, the street also had a sign, “Gilda Radner Way.” She was such a GREAT entertainer! So I diverge…

We headed to John’s of Bleecker Street, John’s was recommended by Susie Ackerman, one of our recipe testers, and written up in United Airlines Hemisphere magazine. I had to eat John’s New York pizza!

We had passed by John’s at 9:00 on a Saturday night and again 6:00 on Sunday night, both nights had lines out the door. Tuesday at 5:00, we were seated immediately. John’s was decorated in quite an eclectic way. The wooden booths had years of carvings on them. Actors and sports celebrities had autographed photos throughout the restaurant. I was seated under a picture of the 1961 Yankees. Troy selected the roasted tomato (with both red and yellow tomatoes), sliced meatball, and black olive pizza.

We accompanied that with a house salad – iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, pickled beets, onions dressed with a light vinaigrette dressing.

Beverage of choice was Yuengling Lager, a darker lager brewed in Pennsylvania It was great a NYC Greenwich Village neighborhood experience!

~ Susie