New Year’s Day at the Party Barn

by | Jan 1, 2010 | Entertaining, Family Traditions

One of Wayne and Tilli Calhoun’s yearly traditions is to invite friends and family to their party barn on New Year’s Day. At this event there is always a wide array of food and drink, a hike, and white elephant bingo and today was no exception.

Although there was rain in the forecast today, the weather was perfect. Some of the guests ate outside in the sun and enjoyed the view of Cedar Mountain.

Warren Howe, Kim Bonde, Troy Bowers, Annie Warner, Susie Calhoun, John Masters, and Wendy Howe enjoy some unexpected sunshine

Cedar Mountain

Guests at the Party Barn

The Calhoun Sisters:  Nancy Calhoun Mueller, Susie Calhoun, and Merry Calhoun Carter

Lou Ann McCune putting on the dog

Food is always plentiful and there are some dishes that are a tradition at this event. Cowboy caviar, Patsy Neely’s deviled eggs, and barbecued linguisa are some of the traditional fare. The cowboy caviar is a very tasty way to serve the black-eyed peas that are believed to bring good luck.

Cowboy caviar – For the recipe, click here

Patsy Neely’s deviled eggs (for the recipe, see page 52 of the cookbook)

Linguisa on the grill

One of the new appetizers this year were colorful Danish open-faced salmon, dill, and caper sandwiches Wendy Howe made for an appetizer.

Salmon, dill, and caper open-faced sandwiches

Ann Mueller took the award for the most original cook. She brought dates stuffed with cream cheese, nuts, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar, bacon wrapped bell and jalapeno peppers, and a green bean with linguisa dish that had been seasoned with cumin. All of these dishes were great.

Ann Mueller’s green beans with linguisa

Neighbors Melody and Steve Oshea brought a couple of bottles of their Oshea Corral label wine that was made from the grapes grown on their property. Susie Calhoun’s husband Troy Bowers brought a bottle of his home bottled wine, which was a cabernet, merlot, and petite syrah blend. Both wines had great flavor.

The Oshea’s Tombstone Red Cabernet

Troy has put his focus on the flavor, not the label

Kim Bonde once again treated us to aebleskivers and used her grandmother’s aebleskiver pan to make them.

Kim Bonde making aebleskivers

Although I was one that could have benefited the most from the hike down to the ponds and creek, I stayed behind with the over 80 crowd to prepare for the white elephant bingo. Even Charlie the Yorkshire Terror took the hike this year and didn’t demand to be carried. The much anticipated white elephant bingo draws quite a crowd and a variety of new and gently used treasures.

In preparation for bingo, the players peruse the prizes

Cheers to a happy new year!

~merry carter~


May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.  –Joey Adams, comedian, actor, author