Pig Roast at the 320 Ranch

by | Aug 7, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

The 320 Ranch Dining Room

During our recent vacation in Montana I noticed that there are many “guest ranches” (formerly known as dude ranches) along the Madison and Gallatin Rivers. Most of the guest ranches are situated at the base of a mountain in a cluster of trees and have attractive log cabins for the guests to stay in. The ranches offer horseback riding adventures, trout fishing expeditions, rafting, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. I would like to stay at one of these guest ranches some day.

The entrance to the 320 Ranch

One of the ranches in Big Sky, the 320 Ranch, has a pig roast on Monday nights during the summer and it’s not just for the guests of the ranch–everyone is welcome to attend. A couple of Monday nights ago, a group of us met up at the 320 Ranch for the pig roast. The cost of the pig roast, an all you can eat buffet dinner, is $10, which includes ice tea and lemonade. The night we were there they had live music, $2 beer on tap, and some nice wine.

The entertainment

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful evening and surroundings at the 320 Ranch

The pork is served with whole wheat buns and two different types of sauces. One of the sauces was a very tasty BBQ sauce. Accompanying the meat was beans, a coleslaw, potato salad, and cookies. Often times when you attend an event like this, the coleslaw and potato salad are bought in bulk and flavorless or tastes packaged. All of the side dishes, including the beans were freshly made and full of flavor.

The buns and pork

Coleslaw and potato salad

Beans and cookies

The pig

Members of our gang at the pig roast

It’s not often that many of us have an opportunity to attend an event in a setting like this. So when opportunity knocks, I say go for it!