Pizza My Heart

by | Jan 16, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

One of my favorite places to eat in downtown Santa Cruz, especially when I have teenagers with me, is Pizza My Heart. Not only do they have great pizza at Pizza My Heart, but they also have great T-Shirts. For $5 and $6 you can get a huge slice of pizza and a T-Shirt.

Pizza My Heart in dowtown Santa Cruz

Pick your Pizza My Heart T-shirt

Pick your Pizza My Heart pizza

Try one of the many seasonings on your Pizza My Heart pizza

Today I took seven teenaged girls (three are visiting from Australia) to Pizza My Heart for lunch and it cost $43 dollars for all eight of us to eat lunch and that included six souvenir T-shirts–a feat that would be very hard to accomplish elsewhere. The pizza is really some of the best pizza that I have had and apparently others think so too because Pizza My Heart is a very popular place. It is not unusual to see a long line of people waiting to order going out the door. Today our timing was perfect–as soon as we were done ordering our pizza, a group of twelve came in right behind us.

Today I had the veggie pizza and I really enjoyed the combination of vegetables that they used. One of my daughters had a slice of the pesto and let me try it. It was really good as well.

Slice of Pizza My Heart veggie pizza

Besides the downtown Santa Cruz Pizza My Heart, there are 17 other locations in the South Bay and Monterey Bay areas, and one in Emeryville.