The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

by | Mar 2, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

The amount of building that goes on in Las Vegas is incredible. I’m in Las Vegas at least once a year and each year there are huge new hotels and casinos on the strip. The buildings that have been built around the City Center are so high, that it’s starting to look like New York. This year’s new addition to the strip was the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino.

I was in Las Vegas for conference last week and one night in search of food, my coworker, Danette, and I wandered over to the Cosmopolitan. The night we were there was the Sunday night of the President’s Day holiday weekend and the Cosmopolitan was packed with people. The one restaurant we were finally able to get into at the Cosmopolitan was The Henry.  We opted to sit at the bar so that we could be seated immediately. The bartender recommended the Munchie Burger, which Danette ordered. I ordered salmon.

The Munchie Burger has homemade potato chips piled on it, giving it a crunch. Everyone sitting at the bar seemed to be eating the Munchie Burger except for me. A 70ish year old lady sitting next to me in a leopard ensemble and bright pink lipstick had just finished her Munchie burger and said it was great. Danette really enjoyed her Munchie Burger. My salmon was pan seared and well seasoned. It was served on top of some small cubed potatoes, green beans, and spring greens.

The Munchie Burger at The Henry Restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Pan Seared Salmon at The Henry

After we ate we wandered around the Cosmopolitan and were awed by the Chandelier Bar, which is surrounded by hundreds of strands of crystals draped over at least two floors of the hotel.

The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

We went outside and checked out the Overlook Grill, which closes early during the winter months. The Overlook has indoor and outdoor seating that offers views of the strip. While we were outside, I snapped this photo of the view from the hotel’s pool.

The view from the pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

We ended our visit to the Cosmopolitan in the Bond bar, which is a trendy bar with a DJ. We found a comfortable couch with a great view of the strip and we spent an hour or so watching the people walk by on the strip. Danette had a couple of lemon drops at the Bond Bar and said they were the best she had ever had.

The Bond Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Our view from our seat in the Bond Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

There are several stores, 13 restaurants, 5 bars/lounges, a nightclub, and casino at the Cosmopolitan hotel. It would probably take about a week to really experience everything this hotel has to offer.


It’s hard to imagine a bigger desert oasis than Las Vegas.  ~Cinnamon Stomberger