The Junction

by | Jun 11, 2010 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

We took a recent trip waaaaay up Mines Road to “The Junction”, a step back in time (remember Petticoat Junction??), what a hoot!

The Junction Bar and Grill is located in the San Antonio Valley, the “junction” of Mines Road from Livermore, Del Puerto Canyon from Patterson/San Joaquin Valley and Mount Hamilton Road from San Jose, it’s definitely worth the trip!

We were just in time for the tail end of the Spring wildflowers, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, more Indian Paintbrush than I’ve ever seen in my life (the teenagers in the car were not quite as excited, bored silly, saying over and over, “are we there yet?”;), we realized at that point that we were becoming our mothers!

They pack a lot in that little building, my favorite part is the wild boar on the wall, very rustic!

They have a piano, where my niece Whitney was tickling the ivories (all those piano lessons paid off!),

a library where niece Laina grabbed a book,

a great pinball machine where Alex racked up the points, and plenty o’ beer on tap.

The kids weren’t too hungry so they had a big rootbeer float,

and we had the Jerry Burger, Teriyaki Chicken Breast Sandwich, fries and onion rings. We kind of riffled the burger before we realized we needed to take a picture for the blog, so we had to do some doctoring up for the photo!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, healthy alternative, they have a Boneless, Skinless Chicken Dinner for only 50 cents (it’s a hard boiled egg!!). A few other noteables on the menu, Rib-eye Steak Sandwich, BLT, Linguica Sandwich, Chili-Lime Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Mushrooms, Chili, Deli Sandwiches, Peanut Butter & Jelly, plenty o’ beer on tap, wine and much more.

Despite what the teenagers tell you, it is well worth the trip! Kids, you can check them out on facebook if you aren’t up for the drive!

Yee Haw! Nancy