White Castle Cheeseburgers vs In-N-Out Cheeseburgers

by | Feb 27, 2011 | Restaurant Overviews, Travel

Midwest/East Coast – White Castle

During a business trip to New York last summer we had some time to kill on our way to the JFK International Airport, so I insisted that my travelling buddies go with me to a Dunkin Donuts to test the Dunkin Donuts advertising claim that their coffee beats the taste of Starbucks. Sorry Dunkin Donuts, but the franchise in Amityville, New York let you down. Their coffee was not good and certainly did not beat the taste of Starbucks coffee.

On the way to Dunkin Donuts we passed a White Castle Burger. All of us in the car were native Californians and had never tried a White Castle, but had heard about them for years. In 1977 I saw Tony Manero and his buddies eating at a White Castle in the movie Saturday Night Fever–a couple of my travelling buddies hadn’t even been born yet when Saturday Night Fever was released(!!!), but had seen White Castle in other movies, such as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. So, after our misadventure at Dunkin Donuts we headed back to the White Castle.

My travelling buddies in front of a White Castle in Amityville, NY

While waiting in line we saw the people in front of us buying bagfuls of White Castle burgers. It looked as though the average number of burgers per person was four. We ordered an average of 1.5 burgers. The White Castle cheeseburgers are steam grilled on a bed of onions. The top bun is put on the burgers while the burgers are cooking. A pickle and cheese is added before serving.

The White Castle Cheeseburger

My Opinion of the White Castle cheeseburger: The White Castle cheeseburgers were gooey in the middle and had an overwhelming onion flavor. They were nothing to write home about.

West Coast – In-N-Out

The menu at In-N-Out is very simple. They offer burgers, fries, and beverages. There is a secret menu that allows customers to order specially prepared burgers (the menu is so secret it is published on the web). 

The menu at In-N-Out

 In-N-Out cheeseburger

The In-N-Out burger buns are toasted on the grill. You can order your onions grilled or raw. The burgers are served with a ketchup/mayonnaise/relish spread, lettuce, and tomato.

My Opinion of the In-N-Out Cheeseburger:  When you bite down on the In-N-Out burger you can taste the toasted bun, the flavor of the grilled onions fused with the melted cheese, the beef patty, the tomato and the sauce. The In-N-Out cheeseburger is something to write home about.


I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.  ~Wimpy