Best Valentines Gift Ever

by | Feb 18, 2012 | Gifts

My best Valentines gift ever

Our blog posts are usually about food, travel, entertaining, and adult beverages, but today‚Äôs post is not about any of those things. This year on Valentines Day I received the best gift ever and wanted to share it. This year my 16-year old daughter, Whitney, gave me a small book she made titled, “25 Reasons I Love You.”  She found the idea to make the book on-line and did a fabulous job making it. It really made my day and it continues to make me very happy each time I look at it. I think it is the best Valentines Day gift ever is because she used her initiative to make this special gift for me. She wasn’t at school and a teacher had the whole class make their mom’s this gift. She took the time to find something special to make for me for Valentines Day.

To make the book she took a deck of playing cards and used sandpaper to rough up the cards. Doing this made the cards look worn and probably made them more porous so that paper would stay glued to the cards.

Roughing the cards up with sandpaper gave the cards a worn appearance

She punched two holes on the side of each card. Then she printed the reasons why she loves me on 25 ivory colored paper. She cut out each reason and made a border for each piece of those papers by gluing larger pieces of red colored paper behind them.

The reasons have a red border around them

She glued each reason why she loved me on the face side of the cards. Some of the reasons were accompanied by a photo.

Some of the pages had photos on them

She then ran black ribbon through the holes and tied each ribbon in a bow. 

And there it was. Best. Valentines. Gift. Ever.